We offer comprehensive training and technical support to strengthen staff presentation skills and improve company’s profiles and reputations.

Be a confident, professional and successful corporate public speaker delivering live & recorded presentations from a stage, in front of a camera or in any business meeting.

Let our 40+ years of special events & broadcasting experience guide your staff and management to deliver confident & professional public speaking presentations

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Death and divorce are amongst the most stressful things a person can deal with, but it’s actually “Public Speaking” that takes the number one slot. It’s a fact. People are more afraid of public speaking than anything else, but it doesn’t have to be. Our training modules will help your teams develop the skills they need to deliver presentations with confidence.

Do your staff struggle with delivering effective presentations and interviews that reflect your company’s professionalism? Luminon provides comprehensive training modules and technical support to enhance their presentation skills. With guidance on presentation tools and techniques, personalised interaction and constant feedback, your staff can deliver impactful presentations and interviews, improving your company’s profile and reputation while avoiding errors that can harm your image.

Cal Kennedy, CSEP

(Certified Special Events Professional)

Cal is arguably the most qualified special events professional on the planet. (NQF-8 South Africa & certified professional internationally)

  • 40 years personal experience in special events & broadcasting for blue-chip companies
  • Post-Graduate Degree in Business Management/Special Events with distinction  – University of Cape Town (UCT) 2009
  • International Certification as a Certified Special Events professional (CSEP) with distinction – accredited by the George Washington University USA 2001
  • National Diploma Sound Engineering with distinction (National Symphony Orchestra SABC senior engineer) 1983
  • National Qualification in Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Education & Training (Assessor) 2002
  • National Qualification in Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Education & Training (Trainer Development) 2002
  • South African Host – International Ambassador 2002
  • Producer 1994 & 1999 South African elections. Producer 1995 Rugby World Cup opening & closing ceremonies. President Nelson Mandela’s personal video production company 1994-1999.
  • Local & International key-note speaker & University/College lecturer.

Here are five common challenges companies may face with their staff doing public presentations

Lack of confidence


Many employees may not have the confidence to speak in front of large groups, which can impact on their ability to effectively deliver a clear message. They struggle to efficiently and effectively communicate with their customers when presenting at conferences and seminars or even one-on-one in a boardroom or office resulting in lost opportunities and revenue.


Luminon offers comprehensive training modules to help individuals and teams improve their live presentation skills from designing PowerPoint slides to using humour and getting your main message to stick. Our technical support and facilities provide specialised guidance on microphone technique, sound systems, video technology, special FX, and lighting options. Our training is tailored to specific groups such as sales and marketing, board-level and upper-management presentation skills. We provide constant feedback and mentoring to ensure that individuals can deliver presentations with professionalism and confidence. Don’t let subpar presentations hold you back!


Poor delivery


Even if employees have the necessary knowledge and information, poor delivery can detract from the effectiveness of the presentation. Are you tired of mediocre presentations and interviews that don’t reflect your company’s professionalism?


Our job is to make absolutely sure that these presentations and interviews are handled with professionalism, adeptness, protecting the company’s profile and reputation and looking comfortable in front of an audience.

Technical difficulties


Technical issues such as poor microphone or sound quality, poor video quality, or poor lighting can impact the delivery of a presentation and reduce its effectiveness. Sooner or later every person who has to deliver a presentation to their own staff, management or invited clients and delegates will have to deal with technical skills such as microphone technique,  “death by PowerPoint” and video presentations, podcast interviews and for senior staff even live radio and television interviews off the cuff, which includes presentation to studio and live camera techniques.



Luminon offers training modules and technical support for your entire presentation staff to improve their live lecture and speech skills. We provide guidance on the use of specific microphones, sound systems, video technology, special effects, and lighting techniques. The company also offers support for any technical difficulties that may occur during a live presentation, ensuring that the presentation runs smoothly even to the point of attending your actual function or conference to support the speaker.

Poor use of visual aids


Poorly designed slides, graphs or visual aids can distract the audience or fail to effectively convey the intended message.


Luminon can guide your staff on how to design slides for maximum impact, provide guidance on using uncommon presentation tools and video impact, and identifying the right screen format for presentations for technicians. We provide personal interaction, online and on-site training along with constant mentoring, follow-up on all participants and supply documentation for progress reports for management and HR.

Poor time management


Presenters may struggle to manage their time effectively during a presentation, resulting in a rushed or incomplete delivery of the message.


One-on-one coaching and continuous support from the beginning of their project to final delivery on stage.

The Result

By providing comprehensive training and technical support, we aim to ensure that individuals can deliver presentations and interviews with professionalism and finesse. Specific training modules are video-recorded so that recipients can receive constant feedback on their progress, see and hear their delivery, and find areas where they can improve to the point of being confident enough to present to any size audience. Our company aims to enhance staff presentation skills to a much higher level of professionalism than is usually expected or demanded, which would improve your company’s profile and reputation while protecting it from errors that can be made during presentations.



One-on-one training for every employer/employee

Are you confident in your staff’s ability to deliver presentations that are believable and professional? Our training modules and technical support can help take your presentations to the next level. Don’t settle for subpar presentations.


Are your “Death by PowerPoint” presentations falling flat?

Don’t settle for subpar presentations;

We can guide your staff on how to design slides for maximum impact and keep your audience engaged including designing graphs, company technical data and video presentations without allowing your audience to drift and lose concentration.

Want to improve your on-air presentation skills?

Our training studios include professional podcast broadcasting studios with top-of-the-line video podcasting and broadcast facilities.

Using humour in your presentations

Looking to take your presentation skills to the next level? We cover everything from using humour and comedy through to critical board-level financial presentation skills.

Group workshops

Are you tired of mediocre presentations? We cover everything from one-on-one training to upper-management presentation skills to ensure that your interactions are top-notch every time.


How to design PowerPoint slides for maximum effect.

How to guarantee your audience absorbs and takes-away your concepts and ideas.

Board-level and Director, upper-management and sales & marketing presentation skills.

Specific training modules will be video recorded so the recipients can get constant feedback on their progress, see and hear their delivery so we can find where they can improve to the point where they will be confident enough to present to any size audience.

Training provided by

Personal interaction;

Online; (Zoom/Teams);

Our multi-camera video and broadcast recording studios;

Podcast studios and our boardroom training facilities;

Your corporate environment; (Offices/boardrooms/conference rooms)

On-site for conferences/committee meetings/technical assistance;

Documentation; (email/WhatsApp/WeTransfer etc.)

Actually attending your conferences/meetings to help with implementation;

Technical Support:

Are technical difficulties getting in the way of your presentations?

Our specialised technical support can help you avoid common issues and ensure that your presentations are seamless. What do you do when that embarrassing irritating high-pitch audio whine comes screaming back through the speakers when you’re trying to do an important presentation? Why does it do that and how do you make sure it never happens to you? Most people’s first reaction is to move away from the microphone – but it’s exactly the opposite that’s needed to correct the problem. Who knew?

Specialised guidance on the use of all and any technical equipment used in a live environment;

 How to interact with a video camera; (Eye-line/body language/pace of delivery)

What to do when any technical issue fails you;

How to embed video in PPT presentations & using uncommon presentation tools & video impact;

How to achieve the best sound experience using available options for your audience;

Working with your technical suppliers on screen & audio/video format specifications;

 What your technical team expects from you for a smooth presentation;