Let our 40+ years of special event experience be responsible for YOUR entire event

Luminon Special Events – supplier budget & management oversight for corporate clients, government, SOEs & NGO’s

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With over 35 years of event experience, 40+ years of knowledge & continued education,  we assist Corporate companies, Government institutions, SOE’s and NGO’s with making sure their events keep within budget. Our primary mission is to support professional IN-HOUSE EVENT MANAGERS and staff throughout future events, with supplier budget & management oversight.

We also save considerable costs through the scrutiny & continued guidance of supplier budgets without ever affecting the professional outcomes of the final event. 

Luminon Special Events do not  “consult” clients – we are actually responsible for your event!

Cal Kennedy, CSEP

(Certified Special Events Professional)

Cal is arguably the most qualified special events professional on the planet. (NQF-8 South Africa & certified professional internationally)

  • 40 years personal experience in special events & broadcasting for blue-chip companies
  • Post-Graduate Degree in Business Management/Special Events with distinction  – University of Cape Town (UCT) 2009
  • International Certification as a Certified Special Events professional (CSEP) with distinction – accredited by the George Washington University USA 2001
  • National Diploma Sound Engineering with distinction (National Symphony Orchestra SABC senior engineer) 1983
  • National Qualification in Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Education & Training (Assessor) 2002
  • National Qualification in Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Education & Training (Trainer Development) 2002
  • South African Host – International Ambassador 2002
  • Producer 1994 & 1999 South African elections. Producer 1995 Rugby World Cup opening & closing ceremonies. President Nelson Mandela’s personal video production company 1994-1999.
  • Local & International key-note speaker & University/College lecturer.
What can we do for your company?

Optimise spend and maximise value on your budget. Prevent over-spending.

How do we achieve this?

Externally monitor your suppliers’ budgets, contracts & implementation throughout the entire event with constant oversite to avoid cost & time wastage.

What will this cost you?

A negotiated fee acceptable by both parties relying on our expected involvement necessary for each individual project.

What can YOU gain financially?

Original corporate budgets that will not be exceeded plus intense research into supplier costs and savings. Prevent budget & time management wastage.

What will it take for us to convince your company to take this opportunity?

A 30-minute face-to-face meeting.

Cal’s ultimate goal is to maintain the event industry’s reputation for complete transparency, honesty and being above reproach and to take your event seamlessly from start to finish within your original budget.

Types of Special Events that we oversee

Award ceremonies & banquets

Conferences & seminars

Launches & product reveals – illusions (car of the year)/staging


Full-service event management including local & international destinations/ transport/ accommodation/ flights/ décor/ catering/ site identification/ PR & marketing/ permits/ emergency plans & strategy/ security/ insurance/ bar audits/ branding.


Video, audio, graphic studios/ filming and editing/ scripting/ voice-artists/ on-site technical equipment (audio, lighting, video & special FX) with professional engineers & crew/ outside broadcasts and multi-camera shoots/ entertainment bookings/ on-line streaming.


Budget auditing/ technical & event reports to client/ final sign-off of event.


SOE / Corporate / NGO

We work directly under your in-house event management team from supplier tender selection, right through to your final budget sign-off.

In-house Event Manager

  • Will definitely save you money.
  • Fully supported in all professional event capacity.
  • Guarantee integrity & honesty in the process.
  • You use your selected suppliers as per usual and we never have control of your supplier relationships. This is to avoid any collusion between our company and your suppliers.

Your Company

  • Budget savings.
  • Constant updating on timelines.
  • Continuous liaison with all suppliers.
  • Up-to date pricing negotiations with all suppliers.
  • Full financial transparency.
  • Monitoring, identifying and exposing corrupt and fraudulent issues.

Overall Cost Savings

  • Our fee is guaranteed to be significantly less than what we will save on preventing over-runs and expenditure.
  • Our main function is to make sure you pay the correct prices for the most professional outcome from all your suppliers and sign off the event with a clean audit.
  • We will keep your event within the original budget.

We help you to navigate the real costs of special events using suppliers with integrity and a past history of ethical delivery and successful completion of major events. The days of R20 million budgets for corporate breakfasts are in the past and responsible budget management is now the reality.

Luminon will NEVER compromise on relationships with your suppliers and clients, and ethics is the only parameter that we understand and adhere to.

Luminon’s thirty-five years of experience earned in the events industry from 1987 to 2022 is now available to you as a supplier budget & management oversite service, upheld by our ethical standards which we will not compromise.